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bEta Sports Staff

Beta Sports has some fun with our staff bios here. In all seriousness, our fantastic team has contributed their technical talents and skills all across this great nation for many years. More than half of our staff, as individuals, have been involved with technical production at the professional level for 15 years or more. Even so, we can't help but love what we do and it shows!

Upcoming Event! July, 27th (Sat.)
4:30pm sign-in | 5:00pm start | 10:00pm end

Super Smash Ultimate Championship
and Cosplay Contest

Minor rule details may vary based on attendance and/or time-constraints, for more information see our complete ruleset on the Tournament Page.

Singles (no teams), 1 match elimination (with the opportunity to purchase an extra life/match), 3 stock (in-game lives), no items, 7-minute max or sudden death.

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