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bEta Sport's Bulletin Board

  • revised 8/3/19

  • The Smash-A-Palooza II venue and date has changed! bEta Sport's Smash-A-Palooza II will be back at the Berry Center on November 2nd, with check in times starting as early as 4:15pm and tournament starting at 5pm. We have attempted to reach out directly, via phone or email, to all ticket holders. If you purchased your tickets prior to this change, and the new location and times are not satisfactory, you are entitled to a full refund.

  • Thank you for making Smash-A-Palooza I a huge success! Please be patient with us as we recover and assess our entire process in order to make things run a lot smoother as we move forward. We'll be updating the site, adding a multi-media gallery for Smash-A-Palooza I and uploading the video archive just as soon as possible.

  • While Smash-A-Palooza House of Blues didn't work out this time, we're keeping the door open for future possibilities and always looking for other great venues to expand our horizons. Stay tuned!

  • If you purchased your tickets to Smash-A-Palooza II from us directly while attending Smash-A-Palooza I, we are a little behind on generating those digital tickets. Please do not worry. We have everyone's info and will be getting those tickets out by the end of this week!

  • If you feel like you're not getting our regular email updates, please check spam folder periodically & mark bEta Sports email as 'not spam'. We DO NOT spam! Also, please report website issues to us. Thank you! We greatly appreciate your help with this.

  • As always, thanks for all the support, interest and contributions! Keep 'em comin'!

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Phone: 346-218-3590

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Nov., 2nd (Sat.)
4:15pm sign-in | 5:00pm start | 9:30pm end

Smash-A-Palooza 2, Cypress
Berry Center
Super Smash eSports Tournament
and Cosplay Contest

Minor rule details may vary based on attendance and/or time-constraints, for more information see our complete ruleset on the Tournament Page.

Singles (no teams), 1 match elimination (with the opportunity to purchase an extra life/match), 3 stock (in-game lives), no items, 7-minute max or sudden death.

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