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For Smash-A-Palooza II, House Of Blues Houston, Texas

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  • revised 7/13/19

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  • Regarding Smash-A-Palooza, Cypress July '19 - Premium ticket prices go into effect by midnight, day of event. Avoid upcharge by purchasing tickets prior to day of event. Current ticket holders will receive an email soon explaining what to expect when they arrive at the Berry Center on tournament day. Regardless, please feel free to reach out to us for any questions or concerns!

  • Regarding Smash-A-Palooza, Houston, House of Blues Oct. '19 - We are expecting to offer advanced ticket sales to our next Smash-A-Palooza event, tentatively scheduled to be held at House of Blues, downtown Houston. Advanced ticket sales to the general public are starting with a whopping 40% discount. This special discount will not last long! Current Smash-A-Palooza ticket holders will be offered an even bigger discount, but only for a limited time. Stay tuned!

  • As always, thanks for all the support, interest and contributions! Keep 'em coming!

You Don't Have to be a Pro Gamer to Party Like One!

You just have to register!

Photo Ops Galore

You're going to feel & LOOK like a rock-star gamer all over your preferred social media feed. Snap away!

Get Ranked

You're competing for, no less than, the "Beta-Sports, Super-Smash, Reigning Champion" title.

Too Many Prizes

We're giving away 'tons' of 'merch' & running auxiliary contests & games parallel to the main event!

Nonstop Gaming

Classic gaming stations set up around the event & please bring your Switch or personal gaming device.

Hollywood, Baby.

This is a professionally produced & broadcasted event & will be available to view online after the event.

League Members

League members get special discounts and prioritized advanced notification.

For more details and additional information about bEta Sport's Smash-A-Palooza II House of Blues (Houston, TX), scroll down below the form and check out our latest YouTube ad, tournament rules and the Beta Sports Terms and Code of Conduct.

If you're trying to register for Smash-A-Palooza Cypress follow this link - Smash-A-Palooza Cypress

Beta Sport's

Smash-A-Palooza II

House of Blues | Houston, Texas

Super Smash eSports Tournament & Cosplay Contest

Official Registration Form

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*For more information on "Ticket Options" descriptions, scroll down to see details directly below this form.

**For a limited time, tickets will be offered at a 40% discount. Offer is set to expire midnight, July 27th.

Tier One
Tier Two
Tier Three

IMPORTANT! By clicking “Agree” you are stating that you have read and agree to the * Beta Sports Terms and Code of Conduct. Participants under the age of 18 or legal minors, see below.

Participants Under the Age of 18 - If you are under the age of 18 or considered a legal minor, by clicking “agree”, you understand that you must have parental consent in order to participate in this event and your parent or guardian must also agree to the * Beta Sports Terms and Code of Conduct . You must also have an official *release form signed by your parent or guardian in order to be considered to participate in this event.

*ALL APPLICABLE FORMS CAN BE FOUND ON THIS PAGE, including important information about the way in which the tournament will be structured.

*Ticket Packages and Pricing

NOTE: House of Blues restaurant will be catering the event with two choices of entrees and a side included with purchase of any ticket. If you wish to have a beverage (alcoholic or otherwise), they’ll be available for purchase via wait staff or open bar.

For the same price as a premium movie ticket with concessions, you can have an experience like you’ve never had before, and unlike the movie ticket, you won’t regret this!

Spectator (this option will be offered at a later date) – Spectator only. No Tournament participation. Two food entrees and a side included! Tournament registration and event prize perks will be available for extra fee.

Tier One – It’s the basic entry level package. It includes 1 life for the single-elimination competition, all the perks of the event itself and two food entrees and a side!

Tier Two – It’s the Tier One Package PLUS an extra life for a double-elimination competition experience and significantly greater odds at winning (10.00 savings, extra life will be sold at the event for an upcharge) PLUS two food entrees and a side!

Tier Three – “The Merch Pack”, It’s all the perks of Tier Two PLUS your choice of an official Beta Sports merchandise item (t-shirt, hat, socks, etc., a savings of up to 30.00).

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