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eSports tournament, eGaming festival and cosplay contest

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bEta Sports Bulletin

Last Update 1/16/22

- Believe it or not, bEtaSports.Net is still here and looking forward to seeing you at Smash-A-Palooza II. Sorry for the long delays between updates. We hope no one dies of suspense while waiting for the official count down to begin.

- Smash-A-Palooza 2 will likely take place at the Berry Center just as soon as we are prepped and ready.

- bEta Sports has mostly laid dormant during the Covid hysteria. We hope everyone has weathered this contagion and any other inconvenience of the past year or so well.

- Meanwhile, we have been working hard to modernize our servers and website. This process has proven to be a more time consuming task than expected.

- CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS PLEASE! While we are proud to run and configure our own private servers, side stepping the tech giants, it comes with some costs. If you feel like you should have received an email correspondence from us for any reason, please CHECK THOSE SPAM FOLDERS and if you see us there, kindly mark us as not spam. Hopefully, this will give our private domain the credibility it needs to avoid the spam filter. WE DO NOT SEND SPAM! If you need immediate assistance for any reason, skip the email and give us a call at 346-218-3590. Thank you!

General contact info – julia@betasports.net 346-218-3590

Smash-A-Palooza 2019, Berry Center

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